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Our Firm

We are a family business committed to helping our clients to achieve their long-term financial goal through thoughtful financial planning and effective investment management. Regardless of where you are currently, we strongly believe that you deserve a secure financial future. That is why we work hard to provide you with professional advice and financial service that is specifically tailored to your needs and risk tolerance.

Our History

Our founder, Gerald Appel established Signalert Corporation in 1975. His son Dr Marvin Appel joined the company in 1996. Dr. Marvin became the president of the company now known as Signalert Asset Management in 2012.

The transition, nevertheless, has not altered the core values of our company. We pride ourselves on our long track record of delivering world-class financial services with honesty, transparency and integrity. We take a holistic approach into each client’s personal and financial goal and develop a solution that helps them make the most of their investment.

Why We Are Different

At Signalert Asset Management, we put the interest of our clients first. We take an active approach to investing with the goal of maximizing profits in favorable times while preserving your capital during volatile market conditions. 

Our Services

In addition to asset management, we provide our clients with other services including financial planning, estate planning and heritage programs. At the core of our dealings with clients is the protection of your capital.

We apply a unique and proven risk management approach that enables our client to invest with peace of mind. We safeguard your investment through our objective times-tested exit strategy developed by our own in-house research team to increase cash positions during potentially risky market climates.

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