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Investment Management by Professionals

Think long term. Allow our highly experienced portfolio team to manage your investment for higher returns with safer investments.

Whether you are thinking about an individual, joint, trusts, retirement, employer sponsored or taxable investment accounts, we manage them all. At Signalert Asset Management, we provide professional investment management services that are focused on helping our clients to achieve their financial goals.

Our highly experienced, hardworking, and knowledgeable investment managers take a holistic approach to review the current financial situation and recommend a portfolio that meets your specific needs and risk profile. Our method is primarily driven by your goals and guided by our portfolio management expertise.

Effective Risk Management

At Signalert Asset Management, we understand that asset prices fluctuate with market sentiment and changing global financial landscape. In unfavorable market climates, we move the assets in your portfolios into cash investments and when the financial markets turn favorable we reinvest your assets.

We utilize an objective time-tested exit strategies developed by our own in-house research team to increase cash positions during potentially risky market climates. We are constantly dedicated to promoting an investment approach that allows our clients to invest with peace of mind. Rest assured we are always doing our best to deliver the highest returns with the safest investments.

Our Investment Philosophy

Signalert is an asset management company guided by a time-tested investment strategies.  We seek out higher returns from safer investments through active market analysis and management.  In every portfolio we manage, we try our best ensure that our clients are on the right path that leads to the future they desire and deserve.

Markets today are turbulent.  To withstand the impact of economic and geopolitical events that can beat the financial systems, Signalert emphasizes safe and strong asset growth

As the cornerstone of our services, we put our clients first and we do everything possible to help them succeed. We will provide you with our best efforts while working within your risk tolerance to meet your financial goals.

Investment Management Service Tailored to Your Needs

Our team of portfolio managers will assist you in defining your financial goals, risk tolerance as well as your time horizon. We will then recommend investment strategies that align with your needs and goals.  Together we develop your financial plan.

We can also help you manage IRA’s, 401(k)’s and your cash flow needs. We can analyze your current holdings, your family/life financial situation and your future budgetary needs. This enables you better understand your financial situation and what you need to do to get on the road to meeting your future economic goals.

A Lifelong Approach To Investing

Since 1973, Signalert Asset Management has been thoroughly committed to helping our clients through both favorable and unfavorable markets. All Signalert’s portfolios are traded against a framework of time-tested, well researched statistical models that suggest when it is appropriate to remain invested, and when to exit positions into cash.

We provide reliable financial services to individuals and businesses across all industries through our unique investment approach that strikes the balance between the clients’ goals and their individual risk tolerance.

Our founder, Gerald Appel is the inventor of MACD (the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) indicator widely used today by traders to analyze the financial markets. Since taking over in 2012, Dr. Marvin Appel has continued to reflect the founding philosophy of our firm, especially in his approach to long-term investment options that are designed to protect our clients from financially dangerous situations.

We manage financial risk by adjusting your investment portfolios market conditions change. You can rely on our team of experienced investment managers to help you minimize portfolio risk while generating moderate returns.

Contact us today to get your personalized investment plan.