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What Services does Signalert Asset Management Provide?

Signalert provides a broad range of professional services including investment management, financial planning, and retirement planning. We also help our clients to manage diverse types of accounts such as individual accounts, custodial accounts, IRAs, 401(k)s, trusts, annuities, and corporate accounts.

How is Signalert different from other advisors?

Signalert is an investment advisory firm fully dedicated to the success of our clients, utilizing an active management approach to investing with the goal of maximizing profits in favorable times while preserving your capital during risky market conditions.

Our approach requires us to learn your financial goals and to guide you with our portfolio management expertise which allows us to help you meet your financial objectives while working within your risk tolerance.

What is Signalert’s investment approach?

Vigilant, active management.  We closely monitor the market conditions and clients’ holdings.  Signalert Asset Management’s exit strategies aim to protect your investments when market conditions turn less favorable  by increasing cash positions.  When conditions are favorable, we analyze a wide array of mutual funds and ETFs to select those for our clients that offer the most attractive opportunities.

Also, we do our research to understand market situations and devise the most suitable strategies to ensure that your investment is protected even during times when there is major market volatility. We deliver results that help our clients to invest with peace of mind.

How much do you need to invest with Signalert Asset Management?

Signalert manages accounts starting from $50,000.

What types of accounts does Signalert manage?

We manage diverse types of accounts including, individual accounts, IRAs, trusts, annuities, custodial accounts, and corporate accounts. We can also help with 401(k)s, Keoghs, retirement plans, pension plans,  partnerships and special needs trusts.

How do we determine the type of portfolio you should be placed in?

At Signalert, we pride ourselves on our ability to personalize each of our clients’ portfolios to their individual needs. We determine the best portfolio for you based on multiple factors including your current financial position, needs and financial goals.

We also consider other factors such as years to retirement, required income, and expenses. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable investment managers will take a holistic approach to review your current financial situation and recommend a portfolio that meets your specific needs and risk profile.



What is Signalert’s Proprietary Research?

Our founder, Gerald Appel is the inventor of a technical tool, MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) still used worldwide by traders today.  We have decades of experience conducting and utilizing our own research, thus protecting clients from the potential biases of research recommendation from large outside firms.

How much contact do you have with your clients?

We value our relationships with all our clients. They are the foundation of our company’s success. Our president and the entire portfolio team are always available to address any of your financial and/or portfolio questions and concerns.

Do we secure client approval before making trades?

No.  You are paying us to exercise our expertise and best judgement in a timely fashion on your behalf, and you are giving us the power of attorney to act in this regard for the accounts that are established.  However, clients are encouraged to call in to check on the status of their holdings at any time.

May I withdraw my assets should the immediate need arise?

Clients at brokerage houses may take withdrawals from their account at any time. If invested in one of our investment partnerships, you can withdraw assets on the calendar quarter.

What is your heritage program about?

Our heritage program is designed to provide you with the resources, knowledge and insights that you need for seamless and successful wealth transfer to your intended beneficiaries in the manner that guarantees wealth and asset sustainment when you are no longer around.  This program also allows you to open a small investment account to help young loved one to start saving for their future.


What is the best way to contact Signalert Asset Management?

Signalert Asset Management LLC

525 Northern Boulevard, Suite 210

Great Neck, New York 11021

Phone: 516-829-6444

Toll Free: 844-829-6444